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Build your business, not your PKI

Tractis Webservices simplifies electronic certification so you can focus on what is important

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State of the art electronic certification services in the cloud available to all

Until now, electronic certification has been a privilege reserved for larger businesses and government bodies. An extremely powerful technology but requiring huge investments in development, licensing and infrastructure.

Tractis Webservices puts an end to this situation. Now you can enjoy the latest advances and standards paying only per use. No expensive pilots, licenses, account opening fees, configurations, maintenance, improvements, hidden costs or other headaches.

Validate electronic signatures

Check the validity of electronic signatures generated by electronic certificates from 33 Certification Authorities .

Generate time stamps

Prove that some content existed, at least, from a certain time instant. With the maximum guarantees.

Preserve evidences

Demonstrate irrefutably the authenticity and integrity in any type of electronic content.

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