Tractis Attribution Policy

Do you use services, APIs or data provided by Tractis for free?

In compliance with the Tractis Terms of Service, if your web site or client application uses services, APIs or data provided by Tractis for free, you, in return, have to give attribution to Tractis. To do so, please follow the instructions below:

  • All pages in your website or views in your application must include an approved Tractis logo with the corresponding link and HTML code. When using Tractis services, APIs or data in other media, an equivalent attribution should be givenTractis. Prior written consent is required to use without attribution the Tractis services, APIs or data provided for free by Tractis.
  • Below you can find the list of approved Tractis logos that can be used to comply with our attribution requirements. Choose the logo that best represents the Tractis service, API or data you use. If you use several, please use the generic logo "Powered by Tractis" (the last one in the list).
  • The logos must not be re-sized or modified in any way.

Last revision: June 3, 2013

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